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Rev. Kathi Moon

How I became a wedding officiant

Shortly after my ordination in 1999, I was asked to perform a “living room” wedding for a family member. My ministry was focused on forgiveness coaching and study groups so this was a stretch for me. The happy couple wanted a ceremony that was all their own rather than the same words everyone else said. So, I interviewed them to learn about their relationship and their hopes and dreams for the life they would share. Together we created a ceremony that was a perfect fit for them. They were delighted with the results and it made me realize that there are masses of couples out there who want my out of the ordinary wedding officiant services. Now I have what is called a global ministry, serving both couples who want to be involved in the process of creating their ceremony, and couples who want me to take care of the ceremony for them.

  • Some are unchurched
  • some prefer a non-religious ceremony,
  • some are interfaith couples
  • some have a family minister who is not available to perform their ceremony
  • They all have the final say in what they say and how they say it on this most romantic and special day in their lives.

What sets me apart from other wedding officiants?

On June 2, 2000, my husband Terry and I were married by a minister who was a highly qualified professional and a caring friend. He and his wife kindly invited me to spend the night before my wedding at their home where we shared dinner and romantic movies. They made everything beautiful and sacred and he even washed my car in the morning before the ceremony. These acts of kindness made a deep impression on me. I consider your wedding to be a very special event, not only in your life, but in mine as well. I honor this by limiting my bookings to one wedding on any given day.* I prefer to give your wedding my full attention and presence on your special day.

*There are occasions when I will book a second wedding if a couple comes to me in great need, and if there is plenty of time in between, but these are rare indeed.

A little background on me:

I grew up in Southern California and have also lived in Florida, Georgia, New York, and Virginia. I love people and find them to be pretty much the same all over, except for their accents.

I love personal growth work. Being in groups for days at a time with people who are being real, sharing their experiences and their hearts is my idea of a good time. This is another activity Terry and I love doing together, sometimes leading, sometimes simply participating.

I am a recycled housewife and a graduate of corporate America. I received my true calling and my education late in life.

1999 Bachelor of Divinity degree, Universal Brotherhood University, Atlanta, GA
2004 Master of Divinity degree, Universal Brotherhood University, Atlanta, GA
2009 Doctor of Divinity degree, Universal Brotherhood University, Atlanta, GA

As a minster and breathwork coach, I know for sure that teaching individuals, couples, and groups, communication, conflict resolution, and stress management skills, combined with the power of gratitude and forgiveness is the part of my calling that will transform the quality of your relationships and bring more fun and pleasure into every day of your life.

At the moment, we have one fur child, a cat named Luke Duke. He was the only kitten left from the Dukes of Hazard litter at the shelter. He was in the awkward stage. His legs were too long, his head was too small, and his ears were enormous. Then he kissed my finger and nipped Terry on the chin and that was it. We think he grew up to be very handsome, don’t you agree?

A little personal sharing:

My sweetheart, Terry, and I have been married for 17 years now. So, for 17 years I have been referred to in our family as the “new Moon.”

Terry and I love ballroom dancing. We take lessons often to build on our skills. Dancing is fun, beautiful, great exercise. It has enhanced our communication and deepened our awareness of our intuitive connection. The romance of ballroom has brought great joy into the life we share.

I am a “step.” I have 3 grown step-children, 5 grown step-grandchildren, and 5 little step-great grand-children (that number keeps increasing) and they all make my heart soar the minute I see them. All I did was kiss a guy in 1998…the next thing I knew I was a grandmother!

I love people, I love weddings, and I love my job! One of my favorite compliments came from a bride who commented that she thinks of me as her wedding doula.* I want to be there for you so you have an easy low-stress way to participate in creating your own unique and personal wedding ceremony. The ceremony we create together will inspire full hearts, eyes that may sparkle with a few joyful tears, and irrepressible smiles whenever you think of your wedding day.
I book up quickly so use the contact box to check my availability for your wedding date and location. I will get back to you right away to schedule your free consultation.
*A doula is a woman who is dedicated to easing birthing mothers so they have peace of mind as they bring new life into the world just as you are laboring to deliver your perfect wedding.