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Pricing for my wedding services is what is customary in this area for a fully qualified professional wedding officiant. (Legally ordained – not online ordained).

I’m not able to be exact about fees outside of a consultation. I’m not being secretive, it’s just that I need to get to know you a little so I can guide you to selections from an overwhelming number of ceremony options and my own personal creativity that will be good fits for your taste, beliefs, and personalities. Then I can give you final pricing.

  • What I can do right now is tell you that fees range between $200 – $700 and that my most popular package falls in the upper end of the scale.
  • Elopement style weddings run around $200 – $350 for a short and simple yet gracious, and joyful religious or secular elopement type ceremony.
  • My lovely and unique mid-range ceremonies run between $400 – $550.
  • My most meaningful specialty weddings which are created exclusively for you and feature your personal love story range from $600 – $700.
  • Travel fees may apply if I must travel beyond the Research Triangle for your rehearsal and wedding ceremony.

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