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…is crucial because the wedding is where the fairy tales end.
So, what happens now?

Step 1

What if you could take a simple online Pre-marital inventory to assess your relationship and compatibility in more than 20 areas that are vital to a good marriage?
Good news! You can! All it takes is a simple click and $35 which you pay directly to Prepare/Enrich, an organization dedicated to building strong marriages, and as far as Rev. Kathi is concerned, the very best of its kind.

Your inventory results can lead you to greater peace of mind about your up-coming marriage by opening the door to learning new relationship skills and by confirming that you truly are the vital harmonious couple you want to be.

Ask Rev. Kathi about setting up a Pre-Marital Assessment for you and your sweetheart today.

Step 2

Every couple gets married expecting to be happy and to grow old together. Even the most romantic love and the most perfect wedding don’t guarantee a happy successful marriage. Love is not the issue when relationships stop working; relating is the issue. So, ask yourself this question:
When I was growing up did I learn to relate in ways that brought happiness and success to those who taught me?

As married life unfolds, the issues that come up between partners are not about love – it may seem that way, but the truth is, love is always present. The issues that come up in marriages are about the ways in which we have learned to relate; communication, conflict resolution, criticism, boundaries, getting our needs met without taking advantage of our partner or being taken advantage of ourselves. Couples often find the relating skill sets they grew up with are no longer adequate in the intimacy of married life.

Studies show that couples who participate in pre-marital sessions have a much higher percentage of satisfying and lasting marriages. Therefore, creating the strongest foundation possible prior to marriage is a smart choice.

In your results meeting, as we go over your couple’s assessment, we will first acknowledge and celebrate the areas of your relationship that are working well for the two of you. Then, (if you choose) together we will design a program of 4 classes using the skills you already have as a springboard to grow and strengthen the skills you want to learn in interactive sessions that are a fun, safe, easy process for learning more about your partner and yourself.

Couples who have strengthened their relationship through my pre-marital sessions discover things about each other they never knew. They begin to use new relationship tools and they learn to tell their truth in a compassionate way that doesn’t threaten their partner, but allows both people to be more authentic and deepens their bonds of trust, respect, and intimacy.

Couples who have completed the online inventory and the follow up sessions with Rev. Kathi are positive that this is the wisest investment they could possibly have made in their future together.