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You want your ceremony…

…to be warm and personal and designed around your unique love story, who you are as a couple, and the beliefs the two of you hold dear. When you have all these elements and the two of you have a personal connection with Kathi, that connection is felt throughout the gathering of your friends and family. It inspires your guests to feel that they are not simply observing, but also participating in the joyful and sacred celebration of your love. Your guests will always smile when they recall how wonderful they felt at your wedding, and so will you!

Kathi has worked with hundreds of couples to craft and perform their unique wedding ceremonies since she was ordained in 1999. It’s important to her to be there for you every step of the way, from your consultation, through marriage preparation sessions (if you choose them), through your rehearsal, all the way to the kiss!

One bride expressed it best when she commented that Rev. Kathi is her wedding “doula” (a doula is an experienced woman dedicated to easing birthing mothers, by providing advice, information, support, and comfort, so they have peace of mind as they bring forth new life into the world, just as your wedding begins a new life).

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